Club Simulator 3D

A computer game tailor-made with the dance crazy weekend aficionado in mind. A non-competetive game for an unparalleled nightclub. The 3D photo scanned environment is displayed exactly as how it appears to patrons after a few beers. The goal of the game is to find the entrance (which was no easy feat during the construction period of the garage above). No matter if you’re a regular of the club or still trying to find your way in, check out the game which is available as a free download and kill some time.




Norbert Unfug – Project Director, Photography, Level Design, Unity 3D Programming
Das Happy Medium – Creative Direction
Thomas Waidhofer – Sounddesign, Characters, 3D Models
Thomas Hochwallner – Photograpy, Level Design
Skandar Baakili – 3D Models
Ben Menedetter – Graphic Design
Bobby Rajesh Malhotra – Unity Consulting
Rune Jensen – Unity Scripting
Ludwig Hammel – Piss Script
Sebastian Pirch – 3D Consulting
Andras Eichstaedt – Music Music Music